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These free resources have been developed to support primary school teachers who are working with children aged 4 to 11 years old, and looking to create fun, active learning environments where children can flourish, whilst maintaining good physical, emotional and social wellness.

Use these resources as often as you need them, share with your colleagues and keep checking back for new additions.

Creating an Active School...

Setting up your Active Classroom - use these ideas for inspiration when setting up a safe, practical active learning environment. Download here

Overcoming the bad behaviour hump - when introducing change into a classroom, you can come up against some resistance initially. This doesn't always happen, but if it does, it's always short lived! Use our simple guide to overcome these obstacles. Download here

Create an active kids forum - use these ideas to create a forum where kids can share ideas and shape your growing active school. Download here

Teaching PE and Dance with confidence...

PE Curriculum Builder - this free tool has been developed to support a PE lead with PE planning for the entire school! Includes curriculum map, an example of a learning journey, progression of skills template for gymnastics and loads more useful info.  Download here

Teaching PE Handbook - this guide will help every teacher to plan, prepare, deliver and assess a PE lesson with ease and confidence. Download here

Boot Camp - these flashcards are part of our boot camp scheme of work which includes a fun and upbeat music mix for the warm up, main activity and cool down, along with lesson plan and heart rate monitoring sheet.  For the full scheme, login or set up a free account today. Download flashcards here

Supporting children's Mental Wellbeing...

Mental Wellbeing Guide - download this 20-page guide which contains plenty of tips and guidance on how to support the children in your class with mental wellbeing. Download here

Self Care Bingo - this fun game can be completed in school or at home. Adopting self care skills will help children to develop self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, giving them greater initiative and confidence in their play and learning.  Download bingo sheet for 5-7 years olds or 7-11 year olds

Growth Mindset Posters - download these free posters and pop them up around your classroom, staff room or corridors to remind children of the key messages.  Download Poster 1, Poster 2 and Poster 3

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On Demand Webinars and CPD Support

PE Curriculum Builder

The imoves PE curriculum builder is made up of a guided workbook and a supporting 1-hour webinar. And it's COMPLETELY FREE!

We’re always being asked how primary schools should build their PE Curriculum given their individual circumstances.  That’s why we’ve produced this FREE PE Curriculum builder – to help teachers and PE subject leads build an OUTSTANDING PE curriculum.

Download your free workbook, then watch the supporting webinar.

Teach Dance with Confidence

Many primary school teachers find teaching dance one of the most daunting lessons they are expected to deliver. It can be difficult to know where to start, and how to even begin demonstrating the moves!

This 50-minute webinar gives an in-depth guide on how to find the beat to the music; what beat and phrase means; the 7 principles of dance and so much more - meaning you can lead a dance lesson in PE with confidence.

Build Core Strength using Pilates

Pilates is an amazing way to develop a child's core strength as well as improve their ABC's (agility, balance and coordination), some of the basic elements that every good PE curriculum should include. The movements can be taught safely and highly effectively in your classroom with the right resources.

This 30-minute webinar will provide the tips and guidance you need to confidently deliver Pilates activities with your children.

Support Mental Wellbeing

Are you interested in understanding how you can support your children's well-being in your classroom? Do you want to know what techniques you could use? Maybe you'd like to but aren't sure where to start?

This 50-minute video provides an in depth guide with tips, ideas and activities that you can use to support the wellbeing of the children in your classroom.

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Active Breaks and Play Time

Structured Play Zones - use these ideas for inspiration to set up your own zones for structured active play in the schools outdoor spaces. Download here

Lunchtime Game Idea - this fun 20-minute game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a great additional to the school breaktime - it gets children working as a team and can be adapted for all age groups in Primary School.  Download here

Active 30 - why are teachers being asked to provide more activity for children, what are the benefits, and what types of activities are appropriate?  This simple guide will support teachers in ensuring children achieve 30 minutes of activity every day. Download here  

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