How can I help my primary school class be more resilient and confident?

Supporting a growth mindset for my pupils

"Hi there,

When I speak to teachers around the country, I often get asked for techniques which teachers can use to help the children develop a 'growth mindset' so they build resilience and confidence.  Learning how to cope in stressful situations and then being mentally strong enough to find a way to solve a problem is a process that should be addressed as soon as a child can understand the concept “I can’t do it yet, but if I practice, I CAN”.

In this blog, I've pulled together a short video for you to watch to see how you can develop a growth mindset and also included some free resources you can use with you children today.   

Imogen  :-) "

Watch the short video to quickly understand how you can support your pupils develop a growth mindset and help them build resilience and confidence

Scroll down to find a fantastic brain break to sue with your children as well as some other great ideas for you to use.   

The Power of Yet brain break is a fantastic way to build a growth mindset in the pupils in your classroom. 

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure every child has room to move about
  2. Play the video on your white board
  3. Enjoy!!!

Here’s a couple more free activities to try with your children.

Create a Poem

What you may need: Paper | Pen | A touch of bravery

Create a simple poem around a growth mindset theme such as The POWER of PRACTICE.

Below is a short verse to inspire you:

In small groups, children can use body percussion or a backbeat to bring the poem to life.

You may want to adapt this for older children by asking them to write their own poem or rap, and then bring it to life with music and actions.

Another lovely idea is to collectively agree on a phrase that children can say to themselves or others, that reminds them to PERSEVERE even if a task appears too difficult.

You might also want to use the “Power of Yet” to help inspire your children to create poems that will motivate themselves and each other.

Growth Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset posters can be created and stuck on the walls of your classroom - children can design their own and you’ll find loads of free ones online to inspire them. 

>>Click hear to download a free growth mindset poster<<

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