How can I help my primary school pupils manage anxiety?

The Shape Breathing technique

"Hi there,

When I speak to teachers around the country, I often get asked for activities which teachers can use to help the children manage their anxieties in their class.  A really quick and simple one is the shape breathing technique!

Do this together as a class, or you can incorporate it into a lesson, and teach your children how to calm themselves using this simple star breathing technique. 

Here’s how:

This technique can be used to manage anxiety in a simple and effective way and is great to use with the 'Grumpy jar' activity.

Let me know how you find it,

Imogen  :-) "

Watch the short video to quickly understand how this technique will really help your students manage their anxiety.  

I really like to incorporate the Grumpy Jar Activity, especially for younger children.  Click the link below to find out more:

>>Click here to find out more about the Grumpy Jar<<

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