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Here we are again - another UK lockdown, and Primary Schools closed for the majority of pupils!

We want to do everything we can to make life easier for primary school teachers like you - who are tasked with continuing to educate the children of critical workers in school, all while offering remote learning to those children who are stuck at home. No easy feat!

That's where imoves can help!

imoves is an award-winning digital platform for teachers, designed to get Primary School children learning actively whether they are at home or in school.  It’s the fastest growing platform of its type, trusted by thousands of teachers worldwide.

With schools expected to juggle classroom learning with remote learning, a bounty of ready-made resources is now a must-have for teachers.

The great news is that you can get a selection of these resources for free with an imoves free access account.

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imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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Join the community

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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What's included for schools ?
Over 2,000 lessons including...

Active learning resources to enable you to build activity into every lesson, from literacy and phonics, to science and maths.

PE curriculum to make it easy for every teacher to confidently teach dance, gymnastics and much more, whatever your background or ability.

Mental health and wellbeing to build a growth mindset, increase resilience, confidence & mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

Usp Green

Feel Better

Increased Mental Resilience

Regular activity improves health, self esteem, confidence and well-being
Usp Yellow

Learn Better

Up to 20% Improvement

Just 5 minutes of activity enhances cognitive control for up to 1 hour
Usp Orange

Focus Better

Up to 67% Improvement

Active children are better behaved and easier to manage

Join the community

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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What teachers are saying about imoves!

Sean Sly, Assistant Head Teacher

"Having the movies to use with the children really gives the staff more confidence.

The resources are up to date, and engage the children more in each lesson.

imoves saves me time."

Louise jones, Head Teacher

"imoves is really engaging for the children; staff absolutely love using it...

We've seen a dramatic difference in children's attitudes to learning and concentration.

It's been an amazing tool to upskill teachers."

Stephanie Plant, Teacher

"It's fun and the children love it.

There's so many different topics. It's enjoyable for me and for them.

It's got all the planning and music for you - it's very quick to get ready in the morning."

Sarah Williams, PE Specialist

"I've seen nothing else on the market that comes even close to providing the same resources and materials.

We bought imoves for 14 of our schools.

The children love the fun choreography and it's easy for the teachers to use and follow."

Kevin Addy, Teacher

"The feedback from the lesson observation was very positive, with mention to the excellent cross-curricular links.

All the pupils were engaged and on task. This was due to the excellent imoves resources

It's really creative with lots of topics."

Laura Mossman, Teacher

"The daily challenges are a great way to start the day.

It's fun for the children - they get a lot of enjoyment from it.

The lesson plans are detailed and easy to use, the music appropriate for each subject and the videos extremely helpful."

Join the community

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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The Research Has Been Done
Active Children Learn Better

Activity gives kids improved capacity to learn leading to improved academic performance.

Physical activity improves cognition, concentration, attention, memory, planning and a host of abilities that are fundamental to educational success.  

Activity helps to fuel brain processes that support maths and literacy.

Active children focus better

Physical activity creates a self-reinforcing cycle of benefits.

Active children are better prepared to learn.

Better attitudes create a more conducive mind-set for learning.

Active Children Feel Better

Active children are happier.

Studies show that physical activity can boost children's self-esteem, enhance their mood, and help them develop stronger and more varied friendships.

Physical activity helps make schools happier places for everyone.

Sources: 'Active Schools - Designed to Move' and Public Health England - Change4Life Evidence Review

Uk Activelab
Bett Finalist 2020

Teachers LOVE imoves

Stephanie Plant, Teacher
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"It's easy. It's all there for you...

...There are so many different topic areas, that will link into your learning...

...With it all being there, that saves time in itself...

...You don't have to do the thinking yourself. All the planning is there... improves behaviour when they come back into the classroom, because they are a bit more calmer"

Sophie James, Teacher
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"imoves brings out a lot of imagination for children, which obviously moves on into their writing, which we've seen...

... a really good resource for immersing into topics and things across the curriculum...

...the planning is really detailed - structured from the warm up to the main activity to the cool down...

...its important that its connected to the work that they are doing as well, which we can easily do with imoves"

Laura Mossman, Teacher
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"you can cater it towards any topic that you are doing, it's really creative, and the children get a lot out of it...

...we start the day most days with the daily challenges, or we might have them after lunch...

...its a really great way to get the children energised...

...its easy to pick up a lesson plan, to have a read through it, all the resorces are there for you...

...I love seeing the children enjoy something"

Why imoves?
Amazing results
Your kids will be more ready to learn, motivated and happier as they enjoy engaging lessons across the curriculum resulting in a more productive classroom every day!
Expert support
You will have access to all our professionally produced resources and the expert support you need to get kids more active, every day, across every part of the curriculum with absolute confidence.
Quick, simple and easy
imoves will save you time, reduce stress, improve behaviours, enhance learning outcomes, and make your classroom a brighter happier environment.

Kids LOVE imoves

Alexi Jo

We have many more videos of teachers and kids sharing how much they love imoves.

Please note: we have changed the names of some children on this site - for safeguarding purposes.

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