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Girls in sport – are we doing enough?

A recent study finds little has changed over the years!

A fair few years ago, I wrote my dissertation about the relationship between young girls and sport.

The upshot was that most fell out of love with sport by the time they were teenagers…

And a recent study has found that not much has changed since.

The main reasons girls say they don’t enjoy sport or physical activity are:

I know from first-hand experience that many girls struggle with their body image and confidence – but more needs to be done to improve this.

Other girls have said that PE is boring, there’s not enough variety, and some simply don’t enjoy getting hot and sweaty…

But we simply MUST find a way to ensure that activity plays a key role in the daily schedule for ALL children.

There is A LOT more we can do to change the perception of PE and physical activity.

For example, we could scrap PE kits from KS2 onwards – that way, girls could wear long joggers and baggy t-shirts if they want, and it reduces the chance of body image issues preventing people from participating.

Schools simply have to look at the activity they’re offering throughout the day – you can’t just rely on PE lessons to inspire children…

There has to be a variety of activities to keep things fresh, interesting, and to keep everyone engaged. Structured active play zones are another way to motivate kids who perhaps aren’t as active at break and lunch time.

There’s SO much more we can do, and it’s important we recognise the role physical activity plays in the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of children.

Speak soon,

Imogen Buxton-Pickles
Founder and Director

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