Active School Plus

What's included for schools?
Over 1,800 lessons including...

Active learning resources to enable you to build activity into every lesson, from literacy and phonics, to science and maths.

PE curriculum to make it easy for every teacher to confidently teach Dance, Gymnastics and much more, whatever your background or ability.

Mental health & wellbeing resources to build a growth mindset, increase resilience, confidence & mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

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imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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Want to take advantage of our TEN brand new features and save more time, have more fun with movement AND help your kids feel more resilient?

With our brand new and improved Active Schools plus package, you'll have everything you need to get your whole school moving!

Even more value...
Quick Start Pack

Our ‘no fluff’ quick start checklists will get you and all your colleagues up and running with imoves in less than 30 seconds!

Learn just how simple our platform is to use, with our easy to follow 1-page guides.

Browse the entire imoves library of resources in our handy lesson catalogue.

Learn how other schools like yours have maximised the benefits of active learning with sample implementation case studies which you can adopt and adapt for your own use.

imoves FAB

The imoves ‘Fun Activity Box’ is sure to become the stuff of legends, thanks to the reaction it creates when a school opens the box for the first time!

Arriving in UK schools at the beginning of each academic year, it’s jam-packed full of fun and super engaging items, carefully chosen to get your entire school moving.

We’re talking pom-poms, balls, ribbons, posters, wall charts, mystery bags, stickers, badges, mugs, water bottles, flashcards and LOTS of surprises – all guaranteed to put a VERY big smile on everyone’s face.


Active lessons

A fun and really popular activity which helps children understand core maths terminology such as equals, more and less.

Brain breaks

A no fuss, vigorous, classroom favourite. The perfect antidote to brain fog, increasing energy and engagement.

Pumped Up Pilates

Dive into this epic Pilates Challenge, expertly designed to get your children energised for a fun day of learning.

What is imovesToday?

We know how busy you are and how many competing demands you have to manage. That’s why we introduced imovesToday, so you can slash the time required to find and plan your imoves lessons with our specially curated resources.

These are updated every day and ready to use in the classroom, with little (or often no) preparation or planning required, straight from your imoves dashboard.

Super handy when time is of the essence!

Get started with Active School Plus today!

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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Home Learning Hub

Take a look at this quick demo:
Play Video

Our new home learning hub has been a massive hit with teachers, children and parents alike.

Each of your teachers can select activities to share with their class for them to carry out at home, via their individual Home Learning Hub.

Incredibly simple to use and manage - your children only need to login the once using a shared class ID and simple password.

You can even add your own custom messages for children, and it’s a brilliant way to support children learning at home, whether that is due to lockdown, isolation, or just evening, weekend and holiday activities.

Here's one of our home learning resources:
Play Video

Not forgetting... Home Learning Autopilot!

Life is hectic at the best of times – but in the middle of a global pandemic? That’s why we developed our ‘Home Learning AutoPilot’.

We automatically update your Home Learning Hub on a weekly basis, with a programme of activities appropriate for your chosen age group.  

And this isn’t just in term time either – we’ll update the resources each week, every week, including through the holidays, and we’ll let you know in advance what we have planned.

Of course you can always add your own activities whenever you want – and these will always override the automatic programme. But thanks to Home Learning AutoPilot, your children will NEVER log in to find an empty imoves home activity page or old activities that were last updated months ago!

Implementation and Ongoing Support
Personalised Implementation Success Call

Take your imoves implementation to the next level with a 1:1 implementation ‘video call’ with one of our experienced Active Success coaches - booked online at your convenience. 

Get the best possible results from imoves and help your entire teaching staff be become super engaged and on board.

We’ll also share with you how best to deal with those difficult situations when children (and sometimes colleagues) are feeling a little apprehensive and need a bit of extra support and guidance.

45-minute live CPD Session

The very best part of our support package is our LIVE 45-minute CPD session. You’ll book this online at your convenience, and we would encourage you to involve your entire teaching staff.

Attendees consistently tell us how much value and learning they get from these sessions, and we know you and your colleagues will too!

Like everything with imoves, they tend to be great fun, with a few giggles along the way as well as the serious learning and confidence building.

 Most important of all, it's a great opportunity for those with questions or concerns to get them answered and resolved.

Unlimited Lifetime Support

We know that some users like to dive in and get started straight away, and others like to take their time

That's fine and why we offer all our Active School teachers UNLIMITED lifetime support – by both phone and video call with one of our Success Coaches.

These calls are available to every user in your school, are booked online at your convenience, and really can cover any aspect of imoves and getting children more active.

Get started with Active School Plus today!

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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Seasonal Specials, Challenges and Competitions

Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali, Ramadan, Hanukkah, World Book Day, Mental Health Week – the list of things we celebrate and recognise in school goes on and on, and seems to be getting longer all the time!


But don't worry - you'll always find a suitably themed resource from imoves to help support these events.


And we will be going much further from autumn 2021... We'll be running regular seasonal themed competitions and events, which you'll be able to participate in.


As well as the opportunity to win awards and get some great PR, you will be able to 'show off' just how active your children are, and gain recognition for being one of the most active classes or schools in the country!

Active School Library

We’ve been doing this for quite a while now, so we’ve built up an amazing library of resources. Your school will have unlimited access to these...

Our specialist guides and webinar recordings cover everything from how anyone can teach dance with confidence, through implementing Active Learning in every lesson across the curriculum.

We've also included our brand-new practical guide to supporting children with their mental health and wellbeing, which we are incredibly proud of given how useful teachers have told us they have found this in recent months.

Activity Reporting and Benchmarking

Ever wondered how well you are doing compared to others – either just within your school – or maybe when compared to other schools like yours?

When it comes to usage of imoves and how active your school is, you’ll know exactly what the answer to that question is!

Our comprehensive reports are sent to Super Users and Head Teachers at the end of each term. In addition to detailed usage stats for every user within the school and access information for their home learning hubs, you’ll also be able to compare your overall usage levels to anonymised schools using imoves right across the UK.

Not only will these reports help with understanding your own successes and progress, but they will also provide invaluable evidence for Ofsted and equivalent inspections.

Get started with Active School Plus today!

imoves is trusted by THOUSANDS of happy primary school teachers worldwide – and you can join them!

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