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Getting every child active, every day

Step 1: Find what you'd like to teach

How does it work?

Maybe you're looking for activity ideas in literacy or science? How about 15-minute activity blasts for the classroom? A mindfulness session to relax the children? Or support with PE from gymnastics to OAA? Simply click 'Find lessons' and then the age range and subject area you'd like to teach!

Step 2: Plan your class

How does it work?

When you've found your lesson, print off the lesson plan description and review the other supporting resources including demonstration movies, funky music or fantastic flashcards! The planning really has been done for you! You just need to relate it to your children.

Step 3: Teach your class

How does it work?

Improve your children's learning, physical health and mental well-being by getting them active every day. Use the lesson plan and supporting resources to get them active whether in the classroom, hall or outdoors!

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Use activity to promote great learning, physical health and mental well-being

imoves is the framework for building your active school from literacy to science, from PSHE to PE

  • Digital platform with over 1,000 curriculum-based active lessons and activities
  • Interactive movies, supporting lesson plans, tailor-made fun and funky music, flashcards and assessment
  • Easy to plan, teach and assess
  • Suitable for all, especially your kinaesthetic learners
  • Written by teachers for teachers!

1,000+ lessons and activities created by teachers for teachers!

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Change lives and build a truly active school by supporting your staff to deliver active lessons from literacy to science, from PSHE to PE. Our fully supportive resources reduce planning and preparation time whilst getting children active in the classroom, hall and outside.

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