Primary School Gymnastics Resources for Early Years/KS1/KS2

Teaching gymnastics in school is often seen as one of the most difficult areas of PE, which is why it’s no surprise our gymnastics lessons are some of our most popular resources amongst our school customers.

Here at imoves we have a library over 70 gymnastics lessons plans and interactive video resources all mapped to the Primary School PE curriculum designed to support you, whatever your ability or level of expertise.

Teaching primary school gymnastics has never been easier!

Our KS1/KS2 gymnastics resources cover the 6 main themes of the curriculum, with clear progression structures for pupils as they move through the year groups from early years through to KS1 and KS2. Each theme is designed to be practised for 2 weeks giving each year group 6 skill-based lesson where they learn the movements and 6 creative lessons where they put what they’ve learnt into action. This structure is designed to help pupils develop the three fundamentals of gymnastics; agility, balance and coordination, however, as each resource is standalone, they can be used as often or as little as you like!

We believe the better the quality of resources, the easier it is for teachers to teach, which creates better learners- and that’s why all of our primary school gymnastics lesson plans were written by world-renowned coach, Gary Kirby, who has worked with many Olympic legends including the amazing Beth Tweddle.

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