Primary School Dance Resources for KS/KS2

Teach dance with confidence! Many teachers we speak to find teaching a primary school dance lesson pretty tricky. It’s an area that isn’t covered extensively in teacher training so it’s no surprise that teachers sometimes lack the confidence when it comes to delivering a dance lesson to their class.

Here at imoves, we have a library of over 200 KS1/KS2 dance lesson plans and resources to choose from, sprinkled with our magic formula to help give you confidence when teaching dance:

  • Great up-to-date music that the children will enjoy
  • Strong movement and themes to keep things fun and engaging
  • Clear supporting method and planning resources
  • And finally, roll out/delivery options to suit you

Magic formula = fun, engaging dance lessons that both you and the children will enjoy!

The music quality and variety are one of the biggest highlights for me, the kids really enjoy the different rhythms and beats which mean they are engaged and look forward to the sessions.”  PE Co-ordinator John Dunsford, Horsell C of E Junior School

Start today, and benefit from brighter, healthier, happier children

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