Mental Health and Wellbeing

Primary School KS1/KS2 Mental Wellness Lesson Plans & Resources  

In a world where we see a growing number of children suffering from stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, Primary Schools are playing an important part in supporting their pupils’ mental health and wellbeing. It is, therefore, important teachers feel confident and supported to deliver mental wellness lessons within their current PSHE curriculum.

Here at imoves, we have a dedicated library full of KS1/KS2 mental health and wellbeing interactive lesson plans and resources to choose from, all designed to teach children about the importance of looking after our bodies and minds to feel healthy, both inside and out.

Become Wellness Warriors in no time!

On your pupils journey to becoming ‘Wellness Warriors,’ you’ll help them to focus and regulate moods, as well as manage stress and anxiety.

imoves KS1/KS2 mental health and wellbeing resources combine mindfulness, relaxation, emotional management, health and wellbeing as well as active lessons designed to look after your pupils’ mental, social and physical wellbeing.  

Help your pupils build a growth mindset, healthy relationships, resilience, confidence and be the best they can be!

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