The science behind active learning

Activity promotes better learning and behaviour across the school, whilst improving physical health and mental well-being.

  • Just 30 minutes activity every day increases attainment by up to 12%
  • Just 20 minutes of exercise increases brain processes and enhances cognitive control for up to 1 hour
  • Active children develop strong self-esteem and become happier learners
  • Active schools perform better on standardisation tests, with higher levels of progress and achievement
  • Physically active classrooms are easier to manage

How imoves supports Active Learning

  • Over 1,000 cross curricula active lessons, for inside the classroom
  • Activities ranging from 2 minutes through to an entire lesson
  • Video-based instructions, suitable for all learners no matter their physical abilities
  • Printable worksheets and flashcards to support active learning
  • 30 day FREE Active Schools Challenge to introduce the concepts of active learning in your school

What’s included?

Active classroom lessons to integrate activity into subjects from literacy and phonics, to science and history
Daily challenges - everyday a new 15-minute classroom-based activity blast linked to the curriculum
Mindfulness module to help support a child's well-being
Full PE curriculum with dance, gymnastics, Pilates, OAA and building physical literacy from 4 to 11 year old's!

Prices start from £295 per year
Up-skill your team for sustainable benefits

Written by teachers for teachers!

Our team knows exactly how it feels to teach in the primary setting, so all our resources have been designed to save you time, build confidence and engage your children.

Our resource co-creators include the best we can find for you; Carol Hawman, editor of PE Matters; Hallam University Education department; Dan Wilson from the Yorkshire Sport foundation; the team at Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership; and renowned gymnastics coach Gary Kirby to name just a few.

Around the country, we also have our presenter team with each having at least 10 years experience working with children.  

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imoves is built for everyone to teach

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