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Whether you’re looking for one platform to provide all your KS1 and KS2 PE curriculum or just looking for supporting resources to help with a specific lesson, imoves has a vast library of resources ready to use at your fingertips.

No more dealing with the inconvenience of broken CD’s or lengthy outdated ring binders, imoves online resources are regularly updated and accessible in one central location from any device.

With over 500 interactive resources from full lesson plans, tailor made music, interactive videos and flashcards you’ll have everything you need for any indoor or outdoor PE lesson bringing consistency and clear progression across the year groups.

Full curriculum-based PE resources

Our vast library of resources cover all PE disciplines including:

Dance |  Gymnastics  |  Pilates  |  Yoga  |  OAA  |  Athletics  |  Basketball  |  Rugby  |  Football  |  Physical Literacy  |  Invasion Games  |  Net and Wall  |  Striking and Fielding

Supporting teachers with those tricky PE disciplines

As a Primary Teacher, you are expected to be an expert in every discipline, but the reality is there are always going to be certain subjects you don’t feel as confident teaching, in fact for many of our own customers this is usually dance and gymnastics.

imoves easy-to-use, interactive resources are designed to support teachers whether that be using it as a planning and learning tool where you then deliver the class yourself or for those less confident you can still successfully teach the lesson using the video to support you, ensuring pupils receive consistent teaching of all PE disciplines across the board no matter what your level of experience.

PITA Tool - Assess children’s progress and achievement

It's a really simple way to assess children's progress and achievement in PE. Score your children using our PITA scoring guide from 1 to 6 at the BEGINNING and the END of each half term, making it easy to assess any PE discipline from an individual or class basis. 

And that's not all ...

Did you know imoves is on a mission to get every UK school active for 30-minutes every day by 2022. Why? Because just 30 minutes of activity every day can increase attainment by up to 12% and creates happier, healthier children overall. To support this mission we also have cross-curricular active lessons from maths, literacy, science, history or PSHE helping you integrate active learning into everyday curriculum-based lessons. So as part of your free trial don't forget to check out our active lessons and quick blasts, a great way to start off any lesson!

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