Join the Active Schools Challenge!

A free 30 day cross-curricula programme that helps schools drive towards 30 minutes of activity every day, by giving access to thousands of activity based resources, scoring points for keeping active, and rewarding pupils for completing challenges. Join for free today!

How it works

You will be given access to the imoves online platform, with thousands of activity based lessons and resources inside. Over 30 days, your class will be encouraged to carry out daily activities, from small simple movements, to larger more complex actions, all within the confines of the classroom. As each day passes, you will gain points for every activity you complete, with more points awarded for the more complex moevements. At the end of the challenge, if your class has gained enough points and sustained activity, each child will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, as Active Pioneers!

In your Active Schools Challenge pack, you’ll find:

  • Welcome note from imoves founder, Imogen
  • A breakdown of weekly challenges
  • Access to thousands of activity based lessons and resources, inside imoves
  • A blank calendar for you to fill in your Challenge progress

Plus if you complete your challenge, each student in your class will receive their very own “Active Pioneers” certificate!

Why it matters:

We’re on a mission to get every classroom active every single day, by 2022. Why? Because we know just 30 minutes activity every day can increase attainment by up to 12% and creates happier, healthier children overall.

Using our free Active Schools Challenge, in just 10 days you will see happier, healthier, better behaved children that are ready to learn. By day 30, active learning will have become normalised as a part of everyday school life, without interfering in the everyday tasks a teacher has to undertake.