Dance Challenge - Age 4 to 11

This week's theme is... SAMBA!

  • This week, we'd like you to create your own Samba routine.
  • First, dance along to our video to get you moving and shimmying, and give you some ideas.
  • Now it's time to create your your very own Samba routine.
  • Use our video from inspiration, create something totally wacky and unique, or just dance along with us.

Use this video for inspiration...

  • Use our music as your backing track or choose one of your favourite pieces of music.
  • Have loads of fun practicing your routine, you can even get your family members involved!
  • Now film your performance. No fancy cameras are needed - a phone is fine!
  • Ask your grown ups to post your video onto social media platforms using the hashtags below.

Use the music file below...

  • Simply post your video on whichever social media platform you prefer and the one with the most likes each week will win!
  • EVERYONE who submits a video will get a downloadable certificate to put on their bedroom wall
  • Instant stardom - your video will be seen by thousands every day on our social media channels
  • The video with the most likes will win a SHINY TROPHY and be crowned Dance Superstar!
  • Plus the video with the most likes will also win a FREE DANCE subscription for your school!

How To Enter and Prizes!

How To Enter and Prizes!
The Samba challenge runs from 8th June to 14th June but videos can be posted on social media before this date. Don't forget to use our hashtags - that's how we track the number of likes your video has had. Winners will be announced on Monday 15th June - good luck!