The Impact of Physically Active Lessons in the Classroom

25 March, 2019

It is clear that the benefits of physically active learning are recognised at the highest level but what is the real practical impact on children and teachers? The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine wanted to understand the benefits of active lessons on pupils’ physical activity and behaviour, as well as investigating how a programme impacted on teacher confidence and knowledge to teach more actively.

They chose to work with imoves, as it has a widely used physical education (PE) and active school platform, used in over 600 schools across the UK. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the impact of the imoves programme by identifying if the resources affected pupil physical activity at school. It also looked at secondary outcomes such as pupil behaviour and teacher confidence.

Two primary schools in Sheffield, with a total of 123 pupils, participated in the study. They were evaluated at two different stages to track progress and compare results. The children were assessed at two points in time using accelerometers to understand how much activity was happening within a lesson and across the school day.  There were also qualitative interviews to understand the impact on the children and teachers involved.

This study revealed some interesting results.  To read more simply download the article below and share with your colleagues.

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