Sports Premium Funding - New Spending Regulations and Our 5 Steps to Success

29 October, 2018

Securing The Best Investment For Your Pupils’ Futures  

As the first payment of the Sports Premium Funding is due to be released on the 31st October, there is a lot of pressure on Primary Schools to ensure this money is spent wisely.

The guidance around Sports Premium Funding spending recently changed adding an additional layer of complexity, so how do you really know if your investment choice is making a true impact on your pupils?

Follow our top tips and utilise our FREE School Activity Tracker resource to not only help you determine the best investment choices but outline easy ways to review and track success.

1 - Consider The 5 Key Government Guidelines

Firstly, it is important to understand the Governments aspirations and expectations for what the Sports Premium Funding should achieve so that you can set goals and milestones to reflect these.

See below 2017/2018’s 5 key government guidelines:

  1. Engage ‘ALL’ pupils in regular physical activity
  2. Increase the profile of PE and Sport across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement
  3. Increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. Offer pupils a broader range of sports and activities
  5. Increase participation in competitive sport

2 - Identify What’s Changed

This year, there are two changes to Sports Premium Funding spending that really stand out. The first being the emphasis on having ‘ALL’ pupils benefit from funding, and secondly, the deadline change for publishing the fundings impact.

The guidance suggests:

  • An increased emphasis on getting ‘ALL’ pupils active every day
  • Additional clarification on swimming reporting requirements and what the funding can be spent on to support this
  • A deadline change for publishing information on the school. This is now expected to be published by the end of the academic year and must include the impact of the grant on engagement and attainment (in PE as well as other subject areas)
  • And finally, new clarification that the grant cannot be spent on capital projects (such as playgrounds etc.)

So what does this mean? Well, these changes will have a big impact on the decision-making process, meaning schools need to look for whole school solutions that are not limited to activity within just PE lessons and also include easy tracking and reporting features.

3 - Be Clear On What You Can’t Spend The Funding On

With so many options to choose from, sometimes the best place to start the decision-making process is to rule out what you can’t spend the funding on.

This year, the guidelines set by the Government have highlighted what the Sports Premium should not be used to fund:

  • Employing coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparations and assessment (PPA) arrangements. These should come out of the core staffing budgets.
  • To teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum, including those specified for swimming (or, in the case of academies and free schools, to teach your existing PE curriculum). This funding should be used to improve and exceed these expectations.

4 - Review Where You’re Currently At

When considering ways of improving your school's activity levels, it is vital to understand where your school currently sits against the criteria. It’s therefore important to take a whole school approach to reviewing your current activity levels in order to identify clear areas for improvement so that you may choose investment options that are aimed at helping to improve these.

This can seem like quite a daunting and laborious task so why not download our FREE School Activity Tracker which will help show you how to monitor and track how much activity is going on within your school, identify areas which can be made more active, whilst revealing a proven method to boost teaching and learning through everyday activity.


5 - Time To Choose An Investment Option

Once you have established where your school’s activity is and identified areas for improvement, it is time to start looking for a solution.

Where do you begin? By using our School Activity Tracker, you will have been able to identify your school’s own individual key areas for improvement so it’s important to have these at the forefront when choosing a solution that will work.

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