Don't run in the corridor boy?

4 February, 2019

I remember one day when I was at school, a boy was running down the corridor and the headmaster shouted, “you boy… stop running in the corridor!”. This is going back a few years and things have somewhat changed since then but there’s still an expectation (rightly so) for children to be respectful, orderly and non-disruptive to other classes. But, is there a way to achieve that and still enable our children to do what they love… jumping, hopping, skipping?

imoves have developed some wonderful posters that can be displayed around your school to make children more active as they walk from A to B. These fun activities will help to improve muscle strength, balance and co-ordination.

Imagine for a moment one of these posters on each corridor within your school;

  • Hop on one leg
  • Walk with long strides, bending your legs
  • Bend your arms and show your muscles

Children are using their reading skills to understand what they need to do; they are developing their physical literacy; they are using recall for the next time they approach that corridor; and they are focussing on how they will complete the challenge.

What’s not to love?

Corridor posters are available to all our current members and those on a free trial membership. Login and head to the “Mission Support” pages and click on “Cool stuff to know…”

If you’ve not yet signed up to imoves and want to give it a go… you can register for a free trial here >