Can Pilates really benefit our children?

20 March, 2018

Is Wellness just a buzz word, or is your school actively engaged in managing your children’s health and wellbeing?

Pilates can have a massive benefit to your health and wellbeing, but could it really have a positive impact on our children’s mental and physical state too?  Those in the fitness industry and more forward thinking schools and teachers are becoming more aware of the huge benefits Pilates can have on our children.

Pilates uses functional movement patterns to improve core strengthmotor skills and balance; improving cognitive learning, boosting physical literacy and helping with wellness too!  It teaches safe movement patterns and is a fun, positive exercise experience for both teachers and pupils. 

Key benefits:

  • Increases self-esteem and helps create a positive body image
  • Promotes a positive attitude towards exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  • Children who find aerobic activities or sports quite challenging, may find Pilates less stressful and more appealing
  • Improves balance, motor skills, co-ordination and concentration
  • Moderate training can stimulate bone growth, increase bone density and mineralization
  • Improves posture, alignment and flexibility in joints
  • Offers a safe, non-competitive environment for exercise
  • Pilates is fully inclusive and can be enjoyed by able bodied and physically challenged pupils.

Teach Pilates with imoves

Learn how to teach this fun activity with imoves and make a positive impact on your children's overall wellness. Our Pilates resources have been developed by Gaye Holmes who is the UK’s leading expert on using Pilates with children - the great news is that teacher's need zero Pilates experience to teach this wonderful programme.  The lessons are fun, safe and enjoyable and will guide children to a stronger body and a more relaxed state of mind.   

“Any child can achieve something, its so much fun and inclusive”

Pilates is available in the PE and Active Schools package.  Take a look here >

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