Active Learning – Your Step by Step Guide

13 February, 2019

Active Learning is a relatively new concept so it’s not surprising that some teachers are only just starting to get their heads around it.

The science behind active learning - did you know?

Activity promotes better learning and behaviour across the school, whilst improving physical health and mental well-being. An active school can expect to see:

  • Academic scores improve by up to 12%
  • Children learn new vocabulary 20% faster
  • Teachers can see up to 67% improvement in behaviour
  • Short-term memory, reaction times and creativity are improved
  • Children's attention span, co-ordination and complex thinking increases

Free Webinar

During this free 40-minute webinar we explore the reasons why active learning is so important for our children, we provide lots of ideas for your classroom as well as access to even more resources in our 30-day Active Schools Challenge.

Achieve your Active 30 targets with our simple guide on getting more activity into the school day, not only in PE but also in the classroom and through active breaks too!

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